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Stress Alleviation
Hyper Restorative Time
Pain / Inflammation
Body Detox
Muscle Recovery
Improved Sleep

Strengthen Immunity
Improve Mental Clarity
Optimize Performance

Synthetic Sleep®

Synthetic Sleep® Protocols will put you into a deeply restorative state for both body and mind. Developed at the Shiftwave Institute in Santa Barbara, Synthetic Sleep drives human physiology to a deep state of rest and restoration akin to deep sleep. In deep sleep our bodies perform essential processes for maintaining a strong and healthy constitution. Studies have shown that during deep sleep, the human brain shrinks, opening up pathways so that cerebrospinal fluid can flush out toxins and metabolic byproducts.


A major scientific breakthrough, BioDrive® utilizes a finger sensor to measure your pulse and oxygen levels. Our patent-pending technology then uses an algorithm to generate patterns of pulsed pressure waves to tune you, in real-time, to your optimal flow state. When beginning, your body may not be trained enough to establish this internal flow state, but with practice your ability will improve. In time, this patterning will become second nature and will allow you to use BioDrive, at any time, to give yourself a tune up.