After three years of making fundamental breakthroughs in human health and wellbeing at the Shiftwave Institute, we’re cracking the door of the lab and seeding our technology into the world through select partners and individuals.

What We Solve

While our minds have adapted to modern life, our physiology is still optimized to life thousands of years ago. Modern life throws us out of our natural physiological rhythm. The light bulb lets us stay up at night, breaking us from our circadian rhythm, disrupting our hormone cycle, and making it hard to focus and sleep. Every message notification from our phone alerts our nervous system, leaving us in a constant low-grade stress state. Cars, bosses, social media, 24-hour news cycles.... We need to flush the system.

How We Solved It

The Shiftwave Institute brings balance to the human condition. Pairing research-grade psychophysiological measurement equipment with patent pending technology, Shiftwave synchronizes our systems and brings us back to our natural state of being. Free of stress and anxiety, our feet firmly planted in the present and ready to focus on the task at hand.

Leadership Team